Men rescue baby goat wedged between rocks on British Columbia mountain

Two men on their way to a fishing spot in British Columbia ended up coming to the rescue of a baby mountain goat that apparently took a fall and ended up stuck between two large rocks.

James Archibald, who posted video of the rescue to Facebook, said he and a friend visiting from England were on their way to a fishing spot near Kimberly when they spotted the goat in distress.

Archibald said they climbed about 100 feet up the rock face to reach the animal.

“To me, it looked like the goat was playing dead because it didn’t squeal. It sort of just had this blank stare in its eye, sort of ‘Are you trying to hurt me?’ thing,” Archibald told Global News.

Archibald filmed as his friend Martin Rouse worked to dislodge the goat from between the rocks.

He said the goat wandered off to rejoin its mother, which was watching the rescue from nearby.